About Us

About Force4Quality, aftermarket products for 4WD, family club, off road and competition vehicle enthusiasts, tested in NZ conditions and supported locally

Force4 distributes an extensive range of quality, aftermarket products for 4WD owners, off road enthusiasts and off road competition vehicles through our New Zealand dealer network; and direct to consumers on selected product lines.

From 4WD winch competition and off road racing to family club vehicles and commercial vehicle applications we have seen some of the best examples New Zealand can offer any 4WD enthusiast. We are a customer centric company and have been providing winning packages to kiwis under the FORCE4 brand since 2013.

Founded by NZ 4WD enthusiast, Phil Clark, Force4 is a strong supporter of the NZ 4WD community with firsthand experience and technical know-how of how 4WD products work in the New Zealand environment.

“We love the sense of comradeship and community offered by 4WD Clubs and competitions; and so our dream is to help as many people as possible, regardless of budget, kit their trucks to go off roading – whether that be a slightly modified Suzuki Vitara or a custom-built off road race truck.”

We offer unprecedented products, objective advice and firm support to our customers with a dash of 4WD passion for good measure. Do it with FORCE4 because if you can imagine it; so can we.